Superior Stump Removal & Grinding

If you’re looking for a stump removal service in Shreveport, you’ve come to the right place. We use a stump grinding machine that you basically put over the tree stump and grind it down to a pulp. It results in a dust like material grinded down.

Lots of home owners try to cut down their tree but the stump is harder to remove then. That is why it’s important to call us first and inquire so we can give you the best assistance and the best price compared to other companies.

At Shreveport Tree Service Pros we charge by the stump so if you have more than one stump we offer you a excellent discounted rates.

How To Get Rid of Tree Stumps

The most efficient way to remove unwanted tree stumps is to use one of our larger stump grinders that chip up the stump, including major roots that are just below the ground. This can be done within a couple of hours. The machinery that we use is state of the art and highly effective so we aim to give the most affordable price given the standard of the machine. Small stumps (less than 2 inches) may be pulled out with a tractor or a four-wheel drive vehicle. 

We usually do some chopping of brace roots to free the stump. When you contact us, we recommend that you specify the width and length of the grind out that you want and whether the chips can be left on site or cleaned up and hauled away. The tree stump or stumps can be hauled away to a suitable location or they can be ground up. They can also be buried on your property if you have enough room. They will decompose eventually and leave a hollow. Another option is the entire stump can be burned if you have time and patience, and according to the local fire restrictions.

Why Eliminate Tree Stumps

The most important reason is for the safety of family and neighbors. Stump removal and stump grinding are quite different in comparison and there are two main techniques that our tree specialists use for these services. With stump grinding you do not remove the roots, and what’s great for you is that you can decide what height you would like the stump ground down by the stump grinder. It then eventually mixes in with the soil, so there is no need for any extra filling afterwards. In contrast to this, stump removal involves pulling the stump from the ground. We employ force and the machines work efficiently to complete the task. But it can be just as effective as the stump grinding because stump removal eliminates both the root and the stump.

The costs of stump removal and grinding can vary. Normally, a more difficult stump, which takes more time to remove, can cost more. The price depends on how much time is needed to grind the stump due to the topology of the area, age of the tree, or root system. However, we always intend to give you a cost-effective service. You can get a free estimate on your stump grinding project, just give us a call today or fill out our online form.