Professional Tree Removal

We are qualified to undertake tree removals, including dead and dangerous trees.  

Our team makes sure to eliminate waste, promote safety, and conserve young growth for future cutting and removal. 

Our tree removal services range from a lumbering operation in large forested areas, to the cutting of individual trees on farms, and the removal of single trees from your suburban lawn or backyard.


Our Tree Removal Methods

With large forested areas there is a lot to consider when it comes to tree removal. One being the safety and conservation of young growth when it comes to conifer trees or larger trees such as pine or oak. They are located beside smaller trees that have not developed fully yet, and they cannot be damaged in the process of felling the larger tree and removing it. 

Our professionals at Shreveport Tree Service Pros use approved methods to remove the large tree efficiently without any harm or damage done to the smaller trees. We are tree lovers after all so we need to protect all trees especially young, developing trees. On farms, the trees are marked for cutting, and the tree can be dropped intact. This means the trunk and tree top can be worked up into a desired length without interference from buildings or adjacent trees. For residential tree felling the removal of the entire tree is necessary. This includes the stump and a part of the root system. The large limbs of the tree and the top of the trunk will be cut into a shorter length and then roped down to the ground.

 How do we begin the tree removal? First of all we walk around the tree to take note if there is any lean on the tree, and look at the distribution of the limbs on the tree. Then we need to estimate the height of the tree so we know how far the top will reach in the falling. Next involves a lot of cutting and moving. Tree removal requires you to take time to consider and make a decision about your tree. With dead or dying trees, they should be removed for health and safety purposes. The trees on your property are your responsibility and you may be liable if one falls and injuries someone but – only if you knew the tree was posing a hazard to others. That is why the best way is to protect your trees and yourself by having one of our professionals regularly care for them.