Expert Tree Trimming

Our professionals are very particular and technical in the way they approach the job. They work hard all year round especially during the summer, they don’t take any vacations during those months, as you can imagine it is one of our busiest periods. The tree trimming service we perform ensures perfect growth of the shrub or hedge.

If your property has trees and shrubs, you can expect to do a little creative pruning and trimming from time to time. However, without regular trimming trees and shrubs will often grow unevenly when left to their own growth patterns. It can save or extend the life of a plant. Uneven growth can occur due to severe weather conditions or it can be normal for particular species, and similarly a well-shaped tree can grow into trouble such as spreading branches that may threaten to damage a roof. With appropriate precision and trimming from the team at Shreveport Tree Service Pros the end result of a troublesome eyesore is an attractive, and healthy complement to your home.

How We Carry Out Tree Trimming

Firstly, we identify and remove dead, diseased and damaged wood. Then we eliminate rubbing and crossing branches. We effectively implement proper techniques to foster a healthy plant with sound structure and an attractive shape. There is more to trimming then you may think. We understand the importance of pruning and that every cut affects the future health, growth, and shape of the plant. We tackle this essential task for you. The sooner you are aware of this and get in touch with us, we can promptly and properly help your plants stay healthy for a long time.

We believe that hard pruning is the answer. Well, what is hard pruning?  It encourages growth. So, the more severe we prune a plant, the more vigorously the plant responds with new growth. How do you know if your plant has been badly pruned?  They produce excessive amounts of vegetation growth making them larger than their counterparts. This in turn results in fewer or no flowers which is quite unattractive. We at Shreveport will not let this happen, we apply many techniques to prune effectively. One technique we use is called thinning cuts. By cutting off the branches at the main trunk, we always make clean cuts and do not damage the branch collar or leave living or dead plants attached to the plant.

We offer home and property owners tree trimming and many more services if you require. You can get a free estimate when you fill out our online form and we will get back to you ASAP.