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Quality Tree Care in Caddo, Bossier LA

We offer a wide range of tree services: from tree removal, trimming and cutting to tree stump removal and grinding, as well as arborist services. For many years now we have been offering an affordable tree service to all of our customers in Caddo Parish and the surrounding areas in Shreveport, Louisiana.

We are a professional tree service, we can do it all and always to the same high standard we are renowned for as tree experts. We are very pleased with the customer satisfaction we have received to date, and always strive to reach the perfect solution for you, our customers. There is no job or problem that we have not come across in our long history.

We offer a reliable service with all the solutions to your landscaping or tree requirements, and we are known for our 24 hour tree service. We believe that we have the expertise and know-how, and also, have the most modern equipment and machinery to tackle any of your tree service or landscaping issues.

Our aim is to provide a quality tree service in Shreveport, which is why we carry out all of our work in a professional manner and believe that it is of the utmost importance to ensure your property reaches its full potential. All of our staff are fully trained and qualified. There is no doubt that we supply a top-notch tree service to the local communities of Caddo Parish.

Tree Removal

Our company will make sure that your tree is felled at the highest possible standard. However, sometimes it is necessary to have a tree removed if it is at the end of its life and also if safety becomes an issue.

As tree lovers, we want all want greenery to thrive but when this issue does arise you may need to have an emergency tree removal. Luckily we offer quick and cost-effective tree surgeons for residential and commercial tree removal. We know that removing and clearing a tree takes trained professionals as the job can be dangerous and requires special equipment.

So why should you hire our team for the job? Well, we aim to be the best tree removal service in Caddo Parish. We have the training and equipment for safe removal, we will evaluate the tree first to confirm the removal needs to take place and is necessary. If it is obstructing a home or building and safety is an issue then it is likely the removal must be done. 

Our team is experienced in knowing how to safely plan for the fallen tree removal which includes reviewing the space to see the safest way it can be done.

Tree Trimming

When it comes to tree trimming you want the most experienced and knowledgeable tree trimming companies, and we are one of them. We are able to trim tree branches to the highest degree of precision, we offer palm tree and oak tree trimming as well as shrub trimming. 

We make sure to give the right precise cuts on a tree, as it is vital for their growth patterns. That is where our qualified arborists come in, they have experience pruning a variety of trees from pruning palm trees, maple trees, to fruit trees such as peach trees. No matter what the tree is, our tree surgeons will give you the best tree trimming service. 

For many years our staff have worked closely with many trees and have acknowledged the best way to direct clean cuts to ensure your tree get the safest pruning. 

We are the best tree trimming business as we are aware trees need to be treated and trimmed time to time. Our tree trimming costs vary depending on the size of the tree. For larger sized trees such a pine or oak please contact us for a quote.

Tree Cutting

Our professional tree cutters are experts at tree felling and we provide tree felling services in and around the Shreveport area. We have extensive experience in felling trees and removing them. We’re well equipped for all types of tree surgery work including felling large trees and tree shaping. We will safely complete any job regardless of location, size or condition. We operate a 24 hour tree service so this allows us to respond quickly when an emergency tree service is requested. 

When cutting a big tree, our qualified arborist will choose to use a chainsaw in order to quickly get a tree trunk severed and pulled down. Other options include axes and other types of saws available for cutting the tree down. Our experienced tree loppers completely remove the limbs and branches from the tree, rendering it bare before the tree is felled. 

We handle both residential and commercial tree felling. The tree lopping costs always includes the removal of the tree afterwards and sometimes the tree stump. So no need to worry about any extra costs. We will discuss this further when you contact us about the tree service you need. 

Stump Removal & Grinding

We provide tree stump removal when a tree is felled or falls as the stump needs to be removed in order to prevent any suckering or rotting of the roots. 

We provide affordable tree stump grinding with our local stump grinder which will help with the tree trunk removal and the tree root removal. We offer the service of stump removal which safely and easily removes the stump. 

The bigger the stump the longer it takes to grind down, you are though left with a flat piece of ground that will blend nicely into the surrounding area. But there is no need to worry because we take care of all tree stumps no matter what the size. 

Please contact our friendly staff today for further information about our tree stump grinding services. We also offer shrub stump removal and if you like we also look after the tree stump disposal. 

You are in good hands with us when it comes to getting rid of tree stumps and tree roots, and the stump grinding cost will be discussed before removal takes place.

Arborist Services

We have qualified arborist staff who are committed to proper arboriculture techniques as outlined by the Tree Care Industry Association. We are a group of certified tree arborists with great knowledge and resources to help you make an informed decision about your tree care needs.

A certified arborist must continue their education in order maintain their certification, which is why our staff are up to date on the ever-changing techniques and practices of arborist tree care. We understand when you want your project undertaken you want the best. Whether its tree pruning or removal, we have professional tree surgeons who are highly experienced in all aspects of tree care. 

When it comes to hiring a local tree surgeon it is important to choose the right one, and those who trained and are aware of the safety standards in place. Our staff is trained to the highest industry standards ensuring a safe, high quality finish, bringing you results and peace of mind. It is a big deal in keeping a tree healthy, and without proper arborist tree care it can become a problem. With our highly commendable tree specialists, we also offer tree disease treatment and tree insect control, alongside the consulting arborist.

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We serve the following communities in Shreveport and neighboring areas: Ellerbe Woods, Springlake, Chapel Creek, Lynbrook, University Terrace, Fairfield Heights, Western Hills and Yarborough, Caddo Heights, South Highlands, Broadmoor, Anderson Island, Shreve Isle, Jenkins – Pinecroft and Hyde Park. As well as Broadmoor, Southern Hills, Pines Road, Queensborough, Mooretown, Sunset Acres, and Twelve Oaks. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about us and the tree services we provide to the communities on either side of the Red River.

So how can you get in touch with us? Well, we are always willing to help in any way we can so please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you are unsure about any service or require anything relating to our company. As a company we provide tree services which are affordable, reliable and local.

You can alternatively fill in the contact form on this page to which we can provide you a free estimate for your tree stump removal in Shreveport. We will contact you about the tree service you would like to book and confirm this booking by email. In the meantime, just sit back and relax and we will do the rest, we will ensure you get the best tree service at the best price.